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Title: BBC Great Battles of War 1of3 Operation Barbarossa XviD AC3 MVGroup org
Show: MV Group Documentaries
Released: December 17, 2014
Date: December 17, 2014
Season: 1 Episode: 1
Filesize: 795.93 MB

Episode Description
Great Battles of War

War Documentary hosted by Bernard Archard, published by BBC in 1971 - English narration


Former BBC producer Peter Batty's classic documentaries have won awards throughout the world, and
the three films in this collection were written and directed by Batty in the late 1960s and early
1970s. Films use current location filming and authentic historic film clips to document the events,
and military leaders from both sides give their account of the battles.

1) Operation Barbarossa
The German invasion of Russia was the biggest, bloodiest and most bitter battle ever fought. It cost
the lives of at least twenty million people and ended Europe's dominance of world affairs. It was
the head-on clash of the two mightiest armies man has ever known, which no other battle in history
can compare with. Although Hitler's opening attack on Russia in 1941 (code named by the German Army
"Operation Barbarossa" ) forms the climax of the narrative, this programme is concerned more with the
background and build-up to the assault. Unique archive film from both sides of the Iron Curtain has
been incorporated, together with notable contribution from Albert Speer, Hitler's close confidant
and Munitions Chief General Warlimont, who planned the campaign and served at Hitler's headquarters
throughout the War, General von Manteuffel who helped carry out the scheme and Doctor Paul Schmidt
who was Hitler's individual interpreter.

2) Battle for the Bulge
December 1944 witnessed the last major German offensive of the Second World War. The Battle for the
Bulge, as this campaign in the Ardennes forests of Belgium and Luxembourg is now more familiarly
known, was the biggest single pitched battle of the Western Front - more than a million troops took
part. It was Hitler's most desperate gamble of the War; he in fact planned every move. It was the
climax, too, of the Allied invasion in Western Europe. But it was also a time of American
humiliation, for it saw the largest mass surrender of US forces of the whole European War -- and a
surrender second in size only to that at Bataan in the Pacific in 1942. Because Hitler was banking
on a quick victory, which he hoped would split the Allies and provide a respite in the West while he
held off the Russian threat from the East, he ordered Germany's remaining film-stock and surviving
cameramen to be lavished on covering the campaign. But when the plan failed, much of their efforts
lingered unseen in the library vaults and even unprocessed in laboratory cellars until brought to
light for this documentary.

3) Battle for the Cassino
It was the most grueling, the most harrowing and in many ways, the most tragic of all battles fought
in Europe in the Second World War. It was also the most international soldiers of sixteen countries
fought and died there. It has also become a battle to be mulled over, puzzled out and re-fought, not
just by professional soldiers and historians but also by armchair strategists, for it is full of
controversy, not least the bombing by the Allies of the historic Benedictine Monastery on the summit
of Monte Cassino. But to the men who took part, the battle will mainly be remembered for the mud,
cold and hypnotic attraction of the monastery itself an all-seeing eye glowering down from that
sheer hill and noticing everyone and everything. Unique archive material of the battle from both
sides has been utilized together with newly-filmed sequences of the rebuilt town and monastery as
well as dramatic eye-witness accounts from many of the surviving major participants.


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